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AR Brands works with strategic and ethical supply partners to answer the needs of consumers for products that are exceptionally tasty, enjoyable to eat and easy to use.
We constantly look for alternative ways in which to please both our customers and the consumer. AR Brands® conducts research to find consumers' hidden needs and leverages the latest technology to ensure our packaging is user and environment friendly. Our recipes can accommodate even the most delicate palate, no matter what their allergenic, dietary or religious preferences may be.
Our CEO, Peter Nicholas, believes in investing locally and, because of this, has built a Greenfields manufacturing facility in the heart of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. The factory has been equipped with the latest equipment and uses the best technology to ensure product is manufactured according to the highest food safety standards, incorporating the latest technology in food production and quality control. Our manufacturing process will also be both efficient and flexible, due to cutting-edge technology and factory layout.
Our Brands
Our Taysti® Mayonnaise

Introducing AR Brands'® NEW deliciously creamy and tangy mayonnaise, Taysti®. It offers just the right amount of tang, with the creamy texture that mayo lovers crave.

Our egg and dairy free recipe satisfies a range of dietary preferences. With the exclusion of egg and dairy, Taysti® has also been able to secure Kosher and Halaal certification. We're proud to say that our mayo is suitable for the most dedicated vegetarians.

Our News
"AR Brands® is a company that is always looking for innovative and alternative ways in which to please consumers. Based on our research, we have developed a NEW DOY-LIGHTFUL mayonnaise that will please consumers who love that tangy mayonnaise taste of some brands, but also love the smooth, creamy texture of others. The innovative plastic pouch packaging allows for creative styling and easy portion control. It also ensures safety and hygiene, as the pack won't break when dropped, it eliminates the need to use spoons and is suitable for both young and old to use."

Peter Nicholas, CEO at Alternative Retail Products, t/a AR Brands.

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